Abandoned Children’s Amusement Park in Taipei

Alright! Right before I begin.
I’m not promoting trespassing. It’s a criminal offense.
If caught, you might get jailed, fine or both, based on the country law.
“Your life is in your hands. You make your own decision.”

It’s been a great experience traveling around Taipei.
The place is nice and clean.
And also the affordable and different kinds of foods you can find along the street.

Let’s talk about the Children’s Amusement Park in Taipei. There are actually two Children’s Amusement Park. The Children’s Amusement Park is located between Zhishan MRT and Shilin MRT, towards the west side. It’s opened since 2014. You might want to consider bring your kids there. It’s pay per ride by the way.

So where are the other Children’s Amusement Park located at?
It’s the old Children’s Amusement Park, located at Yuanshan.
It is currently abandoned. 
If you are traveling along the Tamsui – XiangShan line, you will be able to see the Ferris Wheel and the park from the passing train, around Yuanshan.

I’ve been researching about abandoned places around the world.
And since I’m in Taipei now, I decided to make a trip down to that abandoned park, with my GoPro Grip. 
It’s about 10 minutes walk from Yuanshan MRT. 
You will pass by a temple, which you can drop by and have a look.


So this is how the park looked like from the Google Map. It’s a bit more rundown now. 
So as a safety precaution, I looked around the ticketing area, to check for any movements. 
There is a standing fan and some chairs stacked up in that rundown room. Eerie much.
And the entrance is shut tight.

And there are two stairs at the sides of the metal gate, leading all the way to the top of the wall, and were partially locked.
And there are “No Entry” sign at the stairs.

So after hurdling through the stairs, I stealthily creep up the stairs to avoid getting caught. Right after the stairs, there is a power generation room. And it’s locked.
And after peeking through the tinted window, something is telling me that I might not alone in the park. 

There are something on the floor, blinking on its own, appearing to be charging. 
I slowly kneel down at the top and looked down to the other side.
There is a ladder leading all the way down, which is barricaded at the bottom. I kneel for about 3 minutes, making sure there are no one in the park.
Surprisingly, the park itself look quite clean as compared to the other abandoned places.

Abandoned Children’s Amusement Park from the top of the wall

After snapping a couple of shots with my GoPro, I saw a man walking his dog.
And he is quite close by. It’s the security guard and his guard dog.
He didn’t notice me, I suppose.

Not to cause any troubles, I turn back and hurriedly rushed down the stairs. And I made my way out of the area.
What a close shave.

Maybe it’s a visitor who is exploring around? Or a security guard who is manning the area from any trespassers? Who knows?

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